Venture Capital

Our approach to venture capital is two-fold: we provide senior secured venture growth loans and we invest directly in early and late-stage technology startups. We provide founders and management teams with nimble, non-intrusive capital and provide venture capital firms with unique financing solutions.

Our value-oriented approach and deep network offer investors access to compelling and differentiated venture investments. We seek to provide venture lending solutions that emphasize capital preservation and possess equity-like characteristics (right tail upside). We aim to make direct equity investments that accelerate growth but possess debt-like characteristics in a downside scenario.

Venture Lending

We provide senior secured loans to help companies grow and develop their business during times of change or during inflection points that are not readily served by typical financings. These loans are focused on later-stage companies, often public, with assets and enterprise value. Our target industries include software, technology, healthcare, and financial services.

Our debt solutions serve as a key financing option to foster growth, with minimal dilution of equity ownership. Venture debt is customizable to a company’s unique needs and is generally less restrictive than commercial bank financing. Our debt solutions are stage agnostic: we lend to businesses at all stages of company development from startups to the expansion stage, to high-growth companies. Our capital is typically used to fund growth initiatives, working capital, and general corporate purposes of venture capital-backed companies.

Direct Equity Investments

We invest directly in seed to venture to late-stage technology companies across attractive, high-growth industries including software, healthcare, and fintech. We support passionate local founders that are building enduring, solutions-oriented enterprises focused on solving problems and improving their respective industries. We partner with best-in-class venture capital firms that have vast networks of experts including technical and executive talent and strong operating partners.