Private Credit

Asilia Credit Investments is a premier direct lending platform offering one-stop financing solutions to private equity sponsors and leading businesses. We provide customized financing solutions to private corporate borrowers across a range of industries, predominately through senior secured floating rate loans. 

Our lending professionals work collaboratively to originate investment opportunities and remain the point of contact throughout the underwriting, structuring, closing, and beyond. Our rigorous, bottom-up “private equity style” due diligence approach to credit investing seeks to preserve capital.

We are a long-term, value-oriented, and opportunistic lender that has substantial experience in private credit. We target market-leading companies with recession-resistant business models in defensive sectors that have a history of stable cash flows, experienced management teams, a diverse customer and supplier base, and a strong competitive positioning within their industries. Our senior secured loans have significant asset coverage and collateral, protection through seniority in the capital structure, strong documentation, and low loan-to-value ratios. 

Our portfolio companies typically use our capital for acquisitions, market or product expansion, refinancings, and recapitalizations. Our targeted industries include healthcare, software, business services, information technology services, leisure, and industrials.

Private wealth and institutional investors can access compelling and differentiated credit investment opportunities through our private credit offerings, which include a commingled closed-end fund, Asilia Credit Fund, LP, and customized mandates.

Our private credit products offer investors double-digit net returns with quarterly distributions through a diversified portfolio of high-quality senior secured private loans that have historically demonstrated low volatility and less correlation to the public markets.

Senior Positions

First dollar debt with significant downside protection, meaningful covenants, and de minimis historical loss rates.

Middle Market / Large Cap

Higher quality, market-leading companies with business scale, diversification, and more stable credit profiles.

Beneficial Structure

Funds offer quarterly distributions and simplified tax reporting and are supported by a best-in-class professional fund administration team.

Attractive Risk-Reward

Compelling spreads for comprehensive solutions, added value, and credit risk. Assets are cash pay and floating rate with minimum floors. 

Private Credit Overview

The premise of private credit, also known as private lending and direct lending, is straightforward: a loan that provides capital to companies in the real economy that is used as part of a mergers and acquisitions plan, a leveraged buyout, to purchase property, plant and equipment to grow, or to finance their balance sheets more efficiently.

Private credit loans are negotiated and transacted directly between a borrower and a non-bank lender and are not traded publicly. 

Private credit benefits from many structural features that can provide an attractive risk-return profile, and has become a core part of institutional investors’ portfolios.

  • Private credit loans tend to be relatively senior in the capital structure, often secured by property, plant or equipment, with meaningful covenants;
  • The yield private credit investors enjoy is typically higher than those found in public markets;
  • Holders of private credit are less reliant upon earnings growth or multiple expansion to achieve returns (as they often do when investing in equities); the borrowers need only repay their debt for private credit instruments to realize a return; and 
  • In today’s world of challenged economic growth and elevated asset valuations, private credit offers an attractive source of return and income potential

The current market offers attractive opportunities to invest in private credit as sponsors and companies increasingly value private credit solutions given its broad, growing range of benefits.

  • Reliable across market environments and offers certainty and speed of execution; and 
  • Customized, flexible solutions with smaller lender groups that allow for easier upfront and ongoing collaboration as well as greater confidentiality